We work with green companies

Green = good for you +
good for our planet and its living beings

We hand-select only the most special ones. The ones with great performance, an exciting ingredient, or a remarkable texture. The ones that will make you feel special the first time you use them. And the next day, too.​​

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We carry and use
safe + effective products

When you shop with us, know that every product has been thoroughly vetted for ingredient safety and product efficacy.

To be included at Dunkin Kehn, all companies have demonstrated that they:​​​​

  • ​Reject all forms of animal testing   Better to test human beauty products on humans, don't you think?
  • Label honestly and completely   You deserve to know everything you are putting on your skin — since its next stop is inside your body. 
  • Care about more than just the bottom line   Just a few of the green commitments you can expect from our partners are: recycled/recyclable/reusable packaging; sustainable ingredient sourcing; fair trade; community development; giving back to organizations that empower our planet and its people.