Dunkin Kehn was founded by Jasmine Swann, a clean beauty junkie with a dirty past. She swapped her Maybelline for cruelty-free cosmetics in the early 90s, following her pre-teen, family-defying switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. But the early 'aughts found her chain-smoking cigarettes and chain-drinking martinis, while running marketing for a Manhattan fintech start-up — and burning the midnight oil reading beauty product reviews and analyzing ingredient lists for the gamut of conventional skincare and makeup brands. Her first pregnancy  brought her back to her green beauty and green living roots; cooking up a human being demanded a new level of attention to every ingredient being stirred into the proverbial pot. Seven years ago, she retired from the corporate world to raise her children, and found her way teaching yoga as a method of self-care and self-love. From the teachings of her practice, she was able to turn from a lifelong hatred of her skin — inspired by her so-called "battles" with psoriasis and acne — to a skincare philosophy and practice based on the idea that one's skin is not, in fact, an enemy against which to fight. She delights in sharing her passion for green beauty and loving self-care with anyone who will listen, and invites you to visit her in person at Dunkin Kehn to talk all things green beauty.
Photo by Lauren Kara